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“Look out world… you are heading to Dumas ARK but most of all, from Dumas to DC, Dumas is going to impact the world.”

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“The College of Aspiring Artists Presents…”
The Pre-launch Video to the Tour
👉🏽THIS IS FOR THE MUSIC LOVERS AT THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS TIME— A High Definition Video for the Entire Family. {Part I- ahead of the concert}

Please consider supporting our JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels Tour. Donate Here. It helps us fund the tour and our work here at the center.

DAT—C: Digital Arts Technology College Network

Program Description

The West Dumas Community Life and Legacy Center located at 501 W. Bowles Street in Dumas, Arkansas offers a variety of community programs and services. Our current program, DATC, Digital Arts Technology College Network, is the current program focus. The mission and vision in on education and a special focus inside the creative economy. Our core mission is providing the education of students who are primary in low income housing but also other constituents the tools necessary for the students to be successful business executives or entrepreneurs inside the creative economy workforce. Our backbone partner organizations are TCAA, The College of Aspiring Artists and ASC Management Company. ASC has over 1200 housing units across the state of Arkansas and houses over 2,000 persons in apartments and other housing units. This is a major source of student enrollment and family and community participation.

The College of Aspiring Artists, (TCAA) is the institution of enrollment and oversight for new and aspiring creative talents, enterprises, artists and entertainers enrolling in DATC. Currently, the model is based on six, twelve, eighteen- and twenty-four-month terms.

The model is unique, in that it is the only model that targets the ‘business’ of using aspiring artists’ talent as the business asset known as ‘intellectual property’. In this context, these assets and the artists’ skills are specifically developed for marketability and brand enhancement, employability, as well as business and wealth creation. Our target audience is students ages 13-24. But older students are welcome. The strong opportunity to “earn while they learn” by utilizing this revolutionary business model to produce, promote and progress their creative careers in a six-month, one and two-year incubation process is always attractive to the aspiring and successfully motivated talents. Participants can be dually enrolled and earn degrees and professional creative economy certifications along the way. TCAA/DATC provide education and resources to the population segment targeting careers in the creative economy and entertainment industry and has successfully produced classroom studies, workshops, forums and performances for the aspiring populace.

TCAA’s initiatives have been recognized as a fundamental element of increasing economic impact through education and job creation activities. TCAA has been published in several Economic Resources including the Rockefeller Study circa 2006-2009 as a driver of economic stimulus.

Our emphasis in this program also includes the following objectives.

  • Provide a turnkey environment for aspiring artists and creative talents to enter and prosper from – the entertainment industry and the creative economy.
  • Provide a training resource and career development center to new and aspiring artists and creative talents.
  • Provide artists, music executives and creative innovators with minimal degrees of difficulty in nurturing, creating and prospering from their music careers.
  • Become the one-stop center of choice for organizations of all types to procure their artistic and creative needs with talented, marketable, qualified, educated and professional individuals.

As such, the West Dumas Community Family Life and Legacy Center is excited about the opportunities that have been discussed and has designed its programs for partnerships with community, philanthropic and ongoing partnerships to optimize our vision as summarized herein.